Here you find useful accessories and spare parts for our remote injection projectors, rifle and pistol style.

Protective ring PR

Rifle bag BAG P/G

Hardcase for rifle CASE

Blowpipe bag BAGS

CO2 cartridge CO2-16

CO2 Cartridge CO245

Adapter ring AR45

threaded cartridge CO216S

Positioning pin PS

Safetymouthpiece MP1

Adapter AC

Safety caps SC / SCG

Double flight stabilizer GBST16

Flight stabilizer GBST

Flight stabilizer BST11

Plastic stabilizer BST16

Sealing sleeves SSR50

Sealing sleeves SSN50

Fill & care kit FIS

Needle tool ST

Retainer CTA

Cleaning brush CT11 / CT16

Connection piece CON

Venting pin VP

Air filling syringes AS/ AS20/ AS60

Silicone oil SO

Drug filling syringes FS3 / FS5

Drug filling needle FN

Sealing sleeves SSG50

Complementary Products