CO2 Injection Pistol mod. RD406

Injektionspistole RD406

The Powerful One. Meet highest expectations The function and operation of this pistol is virtually the same as the rifle RD706. It is distinguished by the long range of 40 m as well as the for pistols particularly solid construction. An interchangeable barrel system (like model RD706) enables all sizes of syringe to be employed, […]

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CO2 Injection Pistol mod. RD206-CO2

Injektionspistole RD206-CO2

The smart one. Clever The RD206-CO2 impresses with its accuracy and exceptionally handy design. Despite its low weight, it offers a highly robust (massive aluminium housing) and reasonably priced solution for veterinary use, zoos and wildlife parks as well as in animal rescue or on animal farms. Functional The pistol is absolutely silent and offers […]

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Injection Pistol mod. RD206-AIR

Injektionspistole RD206-AIR

The alternative one. The RD206-AIR is similar to the RD206-CO2 model, but the pressure is built up by air pump which is included in the delivery. Instead of the CO2 pressure supply, the pistol has a push-in coupling for the air pump. Benefits The use of an air pump is economic as no CO2 cartridges […]

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