Spritzen für Gewehre, Pistolen und Blasrohre

Darts for blowpipes

Blowpipe darts TeleDart® lightweight blowpipe darts are available in volumes 1 – 5 ccs (ml) and for all species of animals. They are simply pressurised with air.

Scope of delivery Each blowpipe dart is delivered incl. flight stabiliser and safety cap.


Dart Syringes for pistols and guns

Current material research has enabled significant advances in material properties. The result is a special blend of plastics for TeleDart® dart syringes, which is the only one of its kind in the world and cannot be compared to the material of other darts..

TeleDart® dart syringes are pressurised simply with air and also are 100% compatible with the pistols and guns of other manufacturers.


Absolute breaking strength The exceptional breaking strength of TeleDart dart syringes is unrivalled to the present day!

Perfect ballistics Especially at great distances! As well as superb guidance in the barrel, manufacture from a single piece also ensures perfect aerodynamics and excellent shooting results.

Dimensional stability and temperature resistance Because of special material compound, the darts do not warp, bend or become brittle. Even after prolonged storage, they fit perfectly in the barrel. TeleDart dart syringes can also be used under the most extreme climatic conditions.

Safety & quality Combining this with original TeleDart needles guarantees 100 % sealing. The quality and functional checks are subject to very strict regulations. Each individual dart syringe is checked.

Economical Provided they are handled with care, TeleDart dart syringes can be used a number of times.

Innovative The TeleDart 5 ccs dart syringe for standard barrels with a calibre of 11 mm makes a barrel change unnecessary.

Scope of delivery Each dart syringe is delivered with a flight stabiliser and safety cap.