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Product Overview – Blowpipes & Consumables 2014

Established and indispensable in veterinary medicine for years, the blowpipe is the most affordable, simple and safe instrument for the narcotisation, medical treatment or vaccination of virtually all animals from close quarters and medium distances.

Whether in the veterinary practice, animal rescue, in animal husbandry or zoos and smaller wildlife enclosures, TeleDart ® blowpipes guarantee particularly gentle and virtually silent treatment and anaesthesia of animals including large animals as well as small mammals and birds.

Maximum quality All TeleDart ® blowpipes are manufactured from top-quality and high-grade aluminium. The smooth inner surface of the aluminium-pipe gives the blowpipe darts better acceleration than plastic or carbon pipes and optimises the trajectory. TeleDart® blowpipes are all fitted with the TeleDart ® removable safety mouthpiece. The adjustable handgrip enables secure and comfortable holding of the blowpipe and makes aiming easier.


Blowpipe B11

Blasrohr B11

Blowpipe B11


Recommended for: applications involving dogs, cats, small mammals, birds in which a hypodermic needle volume of max. 3 ml is sufficient and the distance to the animal is +- 10 m. Also suitable for fallow deer, big cats, dog breeds, and calves/cattle and other zoo animals.

This blow pipe is also able to be extended retroactively for additional distances up to +- 15m.

Examples:  Veterinary practices, animal rescue/animal protection services, zoos & animal parks, game keeping, cattle farming (calves)

Blowpipe B14

Blasrohr B14

Blowpipe B14


Recommended for: animals/applications that only use a hypodermic needle size of 5 ml, since this blow pipe only functions with this size. Nevertheless, the needle may also be under-dosed (e.g. 3 ml). Also for distances up to approx. +-12 m.

This blow pipe consists of 2 parts, but it may also be extended beyond this.

Examples:  Cattle farming involving mainly use of 5 ml and limited distances +- 10-12 m


High-performance blowpipe B16

Blasrohr B16

Blasrohr B16


Recommended for: all animal types and all removals and all hypodermic needle sizes! Best-suited to small animals such as cats, dogs, and other small mammals or fallow deer, but also for big cats, dog breeds, and all types of large animals such as calves/cows, horses, zoo animals, etc.;

This blow pipe is very gentle from near proximity for small animals, cats, dogs, etc., and it is also capable of covering especially far distances such as 15 m and more, e.g. making it one of the best-selling blow pipes for cattle farming, since this pipe is even able to be fitted with hypodermic needles up to 10 ml!

This blow pipe is also able to be extended retroactively for additional distances up to +- 20 m and more!

Examples:  Cattle farming, veterinary practices, animal rescue/animal protection services, municipal offices, fire fighters/police, fallow deer

Blowpipe complete sets

  • blowpipe
  • functonal blowpipe bag
  • cleaning device
  • blowpipe syringes
  • blowpipe needles
  • training needles
  • materials for filling and cleaning
  • Special flight stabilizer BST16 (only for blowpipe B16)