Animal tracking

TeleDart ® Transmitter Dart „TDS“

After an anestetic shot it often happens that the animal flees which is especially difficult to follow in impassable territory. In order to continue further treatments it is necessary to track it immediately.

The TeleDart Transmitter Dart is both: a remote injection dart and a transmitter at the same time. After the impact the transmitter dart (which carries a transmitter inside) is fixed to the animal with the barbed needle and cannot be lost when the animal runs away. Because of the transmitter inside the dart it can be located with a receiver very easily and quickly.

The new TeleDart ® TDS transmitter dart is a ground-breaking technology for tracking animals in the wild.

Ground-Breaking Animal Tracking Technology

Working in close cooperation with scientists at the Institute of Wildlife Biology in Germany, TeleDart ® developed the innovative transmitter dart TDS.

The transmitter is activated at the moment you insert the battery pack, and the lifetime of the battery is about 72 hours. In flat open country, you can receive a clear signal up to a distance of 500 meters (1,640 feet).

Carefully Engineered for Improved Performance

The transmitter and its antenna are well-protected in the middle of the transmitter dart. Because the centre of gravity is situated in the middle of the dart, the flight ballistics of the TDS are considerably improved, compared to other darts on the market. As the unfilled weight is only about 20 g, the weight of a filled dart is also quite low.

The drug chamber TDS-M can be easily changed, and is also available separately in different volumes. Just unscrew the drug chamber and replace it with the new volume.

The air chamber TDS-L (which includes the transmitter) is well protected against the mechanical stress that occurs at the moment of impact. A solid screw thread connects the drug chamber and air chamber. See the diagram below for complete details.


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