Animal Identification

TeleDart-Animal Identification with Injectable Passive Transponders

A miniature identification chip can protect animals against theft, abuse and loss. For small and big animals, endangered species and zoo animals furthermore it is important to find an identification-method which is not based on earmarks or tattoos. The transponder lodged just below the skin contains an unchangeable code which is unique world wide. While tattoos fade over the years, the code in the transponder cannot be removed, not even by using a magnet.

Minimum risk of infection The danger of infection and the time of the marking-procedure are less than with other methods.

The needle with the pre-positioned transponder can be attached fast and easily to the specially designed injector via a quick-release mechanism, allowing the operator to perform several hundred injections per hour. The special injection technique makes sure that no pressure is applied to the tissue during injection of the transponder. The special double grinding needle opens a canal. The tissue is not perforated. There is a mandrel inside the needle which is supported by the injector and keeps the transponder in position. The needle is retracted and the transponder remains in the puncture canal. The tissue closes immediately. There is only a minor cut of approx. 2.6 mm which heals fast without complications.

Established system Information about the animal is immediately available via database. Organisations such as the C.B.S.G (zoos), CITES (trading with protected species) and the “Haflinger Zuchtverband” are using this system.

Many national and international breeding associations, universities and animal care organisations are also working with this system. Lost or stolen pets can be identified very quickly via reader and via a central data base. In Germany about 300.000 animals go missing every year! The animals marked with the harmless bio-glass-capsules can be identified and returned home.

  • totally pain-free application
  • no narcotization necessary
  • immediate identification of animals is possible
  • identified animals can be handed over to the owner
  • Identification safety for a whole animal life
  • immediate search of all information/data via data base

In our range of products you can find readers, Trovan-Microchips ID 100 and ID 162 as well as injectors and accessories.


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