CO2 Injection Pistol mod. RD206-CO2

The smart one.

Clever The RD206-CO2 impresses with its accuracy and exceptionally handy design. Despite its low weight, it offers a highly robust (massive aluminium housing) and reasonably priced solution for veterinary use, zoos and wildlife parks as well as in animal rescue or on animal farms.

Functional The pistol is absolutely silent and offers hightest safety for the operator. Remarkable target accuracy at distances up to 30 m, ergonomics and well thought-out positioning of the functional elements ensure impressing user friendliness. Precise pressure regulation as well as the easy-to-read pressure display enable rapid pressure build-up or pressure release in every situation. The RD206-CO2 pistol makes it possible to treat all species of animal. Optionally, in combination with the mounting rail MSR (accessories), an additional reddot-sight or scope can be mounted.
The pistol is available in a left-hand or right-hand version and can additionally be used with an airpump.

Fast deployment The RD206-CO2 is very quick to assemble and easy to transport. Especially for rapid deployment, in case of emergency or where space is limited, the practical and quick plug-on barrel system pays off. The pistol is also available with a short barrel.

The exclusive use of high quality and corrosion free materials ensures the worldwide highest standard.

Scope of delivery for RD206-CO2
Complete set:

  • RD206-CO2 with barrel of choice
  • functional carrying bag
  • CO2 cartridges 16 g
  • dart syringes
  • injection needles
  • training needles
  • filling and cleaning kit (for dart syringes)
  • barrel cleaning set
Injektionspistole RD206-CO2

Technical Data RD206-CO2


approx. 1,2 kg

Gesamtlaenge mit Lauf

90 cm



Läufe /Spritzenvolumen

interchangeable barrel system with quick connection coupling

Kaliber 11 (1 - 5 ml)
Kaliber 13 (5 - 20 ml)
Kaliber 16 (1 - 20 ml)



optimale Schussweite
(mit Standardlauf Kaliber 11)

1 - 30 m (with dart syringe 3css/ml)


back sight/front sight




continuous (0 - 10 bar)


yes (pin retainer)






> 7,5 Joule